LFT Demo + most classes

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  • I just won HL! funny that this is my first lft, I’m not sure if my team is living so I’m posting this.
    I would like to play demo on an invite playoffs team. If not though I am down to play soldier/scout/heavy/spy/(MAYBE)medic in challenger/adv or sniper in adv. I like every class except pyro and engie
    Joey Lemons#7629

  • the best demo and the best maincaller

  • super nice guy and super knowledgeable, going to win plenty more 1st place medals 😈

  • incredibly intelligent player who always has a plan to execute. he will never stop trying to improve himself and his teammates. joey is also extremely introspective and can identify his and his teammates’ mistakes immediately and address them so they aren’t repeated. a true champion

  • joey is just one of those players you love to heal

    edit: i would take a bullet for this man

  • really nice and extremely dedicated to learning the game, and will continue to push himself and his teammates to do better even when winning. amazing teammate for anybody looking for a player, regardless of if he’s on demo or not.

  • I love playing with Joey Lemons! Whether in game or outside of matches, he’s just an extremely enjoyable person and teammate to be around! Winning Invite should already show that he’s good at the game. Try him out before it’s too late

  • not that my post will likely change anyones minds, but joey lemons is far and away my favorite player ive played with in my decorated career. very rare combination of talent, undefeated mental, and fun diff, and just a cool guy to hang out with. i could go on but yea joey is good

  • I didn’t see him much before he won this season, but what I did see was pretty solid. I already thought he’d be solid mid-invite in his first go at invite, and getting the experience to play with awesome, experienced players accelerated that growth. honestly though, he’s just such a pleasant person to be around that purely based off of his attitude he’d elevate the team in more ways than one, and his dedication to the game seems to just be icing on the cake.

    I think the next step I’ll be watching for is handling adversity in invite if he winds up on a decent playoffs team, which I think he’ll rise to the occasion for. definitely playoffs-worthy and then some

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