what happened to all-stars?

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  • yes i am salty that i never won anything

    allstars were cool but they stopped s6 which is kinda sad!

    i would have liked to have an award show similar to what they had in season 1 and 2

    s7 they asked leaders for nominations and then…didnt do anything with them. and then s8 had nothing. and i assume s9 will have nothing (or at least, there arent plans for them)

    bring them back! discuss. Yes!

  • announcing something and never finishing it is a classic RGL thing

  • s7 i got lazy and got the nominations and then never finished them because i was eating dick in school, s8 i still had school but this time my second semester happened and i ate more shit and s9 idk cause im not staff anymore
    Basically first year of college graped me in my last 2 seasons as an admin and all stars was not a high priority on my list

  • bring it back

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