Recent RGL Rules Updates + New Product

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  • RGL hasn’t released an article in a while, so I wanted to post the recent changes to keep everyone up to date!

    July RGL Global Rules Updates:

    • [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos has been updated to clarify that demo file submission to Discord is an acceptable method.
    • [3003] - Regular Season Roster is updated to clarify that players with an active suspension do not count towards a team’s total membership count.
    • [1008.8] - Score Submission has been updated to clarify that teams that submit an incorrect match score should create a support ticket to have this error be fixed.
    • [1003.1] - Cheating has been updated to clarify how placements in playoffs are affected in which matches played by a cheater have been overturned.
    • [1009.4.2] - Default Ringers has been updated to be clearer on what a default ringer is, its guidelines, and what falls under a default ringer.
    • [1008.14] - Medic Melee Fight has been updated to clarify more cases in which a team automatically forfeits their pick in side color.
    • [1008.1] - Match Communications has been updated to include that players/teams should not post connect information inside of match comms.
    • [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos has been updated to include an expiry for demo infractions that are four years are older. This is to address the potential situation with long or old-time players receiving suspensions for old demo offenses that may have been received a long time ago.
      Please note that intentionally providing the incorrect demos to an official demo request is considered [1007.2.4] - Fraud.
    • [1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits has been updated to clarify situations in which match points are redistributed for forfeited matches.
    • [1005.3] - Multiple Accounts has been updated to align with how matches defaulted in which a cheater has participated.

    All rule changes can be visualized on the RGL Rules Tracker

    Map Update:

    Product was updated to koth_product_final (formerly koth_product_rcx)
    Product is played in ALL current formats, so expect this map to be played in s10 HL, s10 7v7, and s7 6v6. Patch notes and the download can be found here.
    RGL released a video showcasing the changes in-game here.
    All pug groups should also probably update to the most recent version too.

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