LFP Main/Adv s10

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  • Looking to form a new team for next season, and looking to do well. in either main or advanced. Would like to start doing scrims as soon as the current HL postseason is over. message me on discord to tryout (Pain_Seer#7648) and for once i’ll try to actually look on the forums too

    Current roster:

    Scout: Midnight -AG (?)
    Soldier: Vacket(?) JoeJoe (?) SSWS (?) Meditate (?)
    Pyro: Nero (?), Big Sips (?) M9 (?) Sunee (?)
    Demo: Blurbby(?) Br1ck (?)
    Heavy: IDSwiftness (?) Monty (?) Archie (?)
    Engi: Pain Seer
    Medic: Hollandese
    Sniper: Chill(?), PPpoopoo (?) PowerPuker (?) BLNKT (?)
    Spy: Vacket(?) T1gr(?) BLNKT (?) Spook (?) LucasIsNotAToy (?)

  • I could play scout ?

  • Two weeks have passed and its time to bump this post. Really looking for more scout and demo tryouts. looking to start my tryouts next week

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