shy lft invite/challenger sub engineer

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  • Hi, I’m shy. I’m an AU Premier Engineer. And I’m looking to sub for an Invite or Challenger team

    I’ve placed in every season of AU Premier/Platinum Engineer I’ve played and also have several seasons on Premier 6s and HL Medic, if that accounts for anything

    I’m pretty flexible with my time and can show up to most games I’m needed to sub in for given I receive some notice

    Last season I subbed for somebody help! and I’ve also played a few main seasons in Advanced (prior to Challenger), and am confident on 200 ping

    contact me on discord @ shy#5000 or Steam

    pick me up/try me out!!

    RGL | RSL

  • Rather skilled aus engie, did fairly above average (especially with the ping) around the higher end challenger/low invite range when I’ve played with/against them in na across the seasons. Keen player that delves into a lot of theory.

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