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  • Hi, I’m bad at the game, but I play a lot and I’m pretty active.
    I am looking for team, either main or sub I don’t really care.
    I would like to play
    Spy or heavy or medic in adv/chal.

    pyro if you force me.
    I can multiclass sub pretty much anything.

    please pick me up, Ill show up every scrim if you need me to and I will have demo reviews every week.


  • Excellent player and person. He was a pivotal person in having our team place in challenger through qualifiers and has been a genuine friend from day 1 to me. He says he’s bad at the game, but he IS NOT. He has a lot of expertise on multiple classes and I think he absolutely can carry his own in advanced. Try him out, he’s great to play with!

  • spider jew is the greatest homie anyone could ever ask for a really smart guy give him some time an if u play around him an the game will play itself super open to changing his playstyle an taking critism

    spiderjew is my bff if u say no to him i will be disapointed

  • Spider jew has been jailed into pyro long enough so pick him up on spy so he can actually improve. As bad people think spider jew is, He has the brain to understand things from a simple concept which shows on his off classes. All he wants is to play his main so try and give him a chance.

  • spiderjew is a homie and has a massive brain, he can play more classes than i can count up to
    but let him main hes been in offclass jail too long he will frag
    and just as nuke will if you dont pick him up i will be disappointed but i also WILL cry

  • Spiderjew has a good mental and is a good spy/med, as long as he has good internet and is getting good frames he’s one of the better spies in challenger. Pick him up

  • Spiderjew the goat! First person ever to help me with comp, great guy and player, his spy is really solid and his med has a lot of good potential! Pick him up 😄

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