Why pl_borneo should replace swiftwater in Season 9

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  • @scaredy-bat said in Why pl_borneo should replace swiftwater in Season 9:

    I of all people understand wanting a more diverse map pool, but compromising this severely on quality just because boomer players are bored is bad for the future of the scene.

    That’s extremely exaggerated. Borneo in my opinion isn’t as good as swiftwater, but in absolute terms, it is still very much a decent and functional highlander map that is still viable for league play. As far as I’m aware, it is currently the fourth-best payload option for Highlander.

  • @Constantly

    (To those who genuinely believe that Borneo is a good map, I disagree with you on that point but the above is not directed at you.)

  • And I replied regardless of whether it applies to my opinion. 🙂
    Making a disclaimer does not mean I cannot comment on a hyperbolic statement.

  • @TheS4rr but s4rr i really enjoy my sniper being able to solo hold multiple points with the right protection xD

  • @scaredy-bat
    The entire point of me writing this was to prove borneo can stand with the rest of the payloads as not only an interesting and unique map, but as one worthy of being played. Trust me I would rather play good maps every season, than have bad ones rotated in just for the sake of consistency. At the end of the day it comes down to differences of opinion, some people just will play a map and find it bad, because they did not find it fun, but id like you to take an objective look and really think, is borneo so much worse than all other payloads currently in rotation? If so, what makes it worse?

  • So many words about how defending is fun (which nobody really argues it isn’t) and absolutely no mention of how pushing each point is like putting a toothpick under your toenail and kicking a door

  • @Constantly It’s not a hyperbolic statement when people in the thread literally said

    right now, id take a bad map over playing the same 4 payload maps for the next 15 seasons

    I appreciate the thoughtful detail of the OP. I’ve already put in my US$0.02 on some of the issues I have with Borneo and why I don’t think it’s no worse than the staple PL maps.

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