dzcreeper lft s9. (any class that isn't spy/sniper)

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  • Off-classing in challenger was fun, but would really prefer a playoffs tier invite team.

    Medic and engie are definitely my strongest classes, although I perform solid on scout/soldier/demo as well.

  • if you are sniping against dzcreeper on medic prepare to be arrowed to death while he outheals your medic by 500hpm.

    DZ is honestly such a gem as a player and he will also overclock everyone on your team’s computers for extra performance. (do not ask what happened to cinder’s PC when they overclocked it)

  • Need tryout(s) for tomorrow.

    DZCreeper#6471 on discord.

  • dz was a very interesting personality to have at the center of dcmc, his aggression with shield was very fun to play off of with bombs. in general it’s rather nice to have him at the center of a team as he brings a lot to the table in regards to analysis and direction, not to mention the sheer strength of his personality. be warned though, your kneecaps are at risk the moment you pick him up. (also do not be european)

  • dzcreeper.PNG

    Mans says dont try me out on sniper… Ok

  • This post is deleted!
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