Sunrise HL LFP (Soldier + Engi + Spy)

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  • After a decent season in main (finished 5th) me and a few friends are going to play adv as our last season.

    We are currently looking for an engineer that can main until our actual main finishes his degree (will sub afterwards), a soldier, and a spy. Our current roster is as follows:

    Scout: (determined this weekend)
    Soldier: lfp
    Pyro: pmn06
    Demo: Landscape
    Heavy: Jackx232
    Engi: Rhombus (but looking for a player to play until he can)
    Medic: Sensei
    Sniper: Chill
    Spy: lfp

    I cannot promise that we will win advanced, but what I can try and provide is a healthy team environment where you improve off of one another and a place to have fun for the season.

    Add me on steam or dm me on discord: chill#8752

  • chill pmn an sensei are my best friends an team mates you will have fun playing for these people on god

  • chill is chill

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