Joshyboy70 LFT AM/IM Roamer

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  • Hello, im Joshyboy70, or just Joshy or Josh.
    Im looking to play roamer for s6 in either an AM or an IM 6s Team.
    I like to play with people who are serious about the game, no slack, and players wanting to learn and win.


    1. Im 14, im quite young so i may fall behind sometimes
    2. I do go to school but hopefully will be out before S6 starts.
    3. My schedule will be quite tight until the day, May 28th 2021.

    Reach out to me:
    Discord: Joshyboy70#3470

    please leave a DM if you’re interested in trying me out, or comment on my profile if you cant get to me on discord, Thanks!

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