LFT Medic S9

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  • Hi

    If I don’t play for Yeye next season, I am LFT as medic.

    I am a medic / pyro main who has been playing since S16 of UGC
    Since the last couple of seasons, I have been more dedicated to improving. My team had made qualifiers for invite, but sadly it died because of team leader issues. I am looking for a respectful team that also wants to improve.

    You can add me on discord, gobitoe#5890
    You can also add me on steam, but I might be a bit slow to reply

    I can also tryout as a sub for your team if you wish 🙂


  • good med, works well with teams and follows the maincaller

    flashed a sniper once before he could get stabbed, that was awesome

  • still LFT I dont have a team

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