nuka lft s9 spy an other classes probably

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  • killed my team due to IRL shit im also a little washed on spy but if u give me time i will roll people used to run perma ambi dr back in ugc guess we all know how that went i still got my monitor on an still love to learn anything about hl hmu


    shitty ugc silver teams (spy, pyro) s18-22
    rgl season 6 adv (engie)
    rgl season 7 main (heavy)
    rgl season 8 adv (i think i had played nearly every class in adv on gorilla warfare)
    rgl season 8 main (pyro,heavy) (we got 2nd)

    demo maybe in Main or something

    prefer to play spy medic engie in chal
    anything else adv

  • This man multiclass subbed for the best team in advanced and almost won main on two offclasses. He’s very solid for sure and should definitely be given a shot if you want a good knowledgeable backbone for your team.

  • believed i was competent enough to tryout in high main after getting 14th in AM, also a chill guy. havent played with his spy but his heavy is clean.

    dont put him on a jail class pls thx ❤

  • gives good head, not femboy, good player, goat mode, insta cop

  • better than bbl 🙂

  • Can multiclass on almost any class up to advanced. Is dedicated to getting better and will literally be the life of your team. Is the nicest and sweetest guy I know with an awesome music taste. Get this man on a winning team. You need the kanga.

  • do it or else he will come to your house and do a backflip onto your house and throw sand in your keyboard then say pick me up yeeeaaeaeea part 2 also he is very sm,arty

  • pickup or lose simple concept

  • smart spy, knows how to value his life and comm for his team, gets good picks too

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