Ness LFT

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  • HL Season 8 Challenger Break the Meta 3rd place (med)
    HL Season 7 Advanced Home Depot eSports (med)
    HL Season 6 Invite Home Depot eSports (med)
    HL Season 4 Advanced Home Depot eSports (med)
    HL Season 3 Advanced Home Depot eSports (med)
    HL Season 2 Main Home Depot eSports 1st place (med)

    Main Sniper > Adv Heavy > Main Engie > Challenger Medic

    ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE#8505

  • first time playing with him this season on medic

    • hilarious
    • hits arrows on brazil ping (do not let ping cause any doubt)
    • always humble with taking advice or talking through problems

    i haven’t been around ness’s other classes but being friendly + having a learning mindset gives me full confidence that he is able to succeed in a non-toxic way in any role
    please pick him up

  • Was a pleasure to play with this season. Really good at adapting and taking advice to adjust to different playstyles of teammates. Haven’t seen any of his classes but med, but I think he’d be a solid teammate on any support class.

    Reads patch notes!

  • Very observant medical practitioner

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