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  • hi!

    If my 6s schedule isnt too busy, I’d be open to playing pretty much any class. Just fishing around for tryouts, no real idea what I’d like to do for the season just yet.

    Probably best on hitscan classes, but could get Soldier/Demo to decent form in a few weeks. Ideally would want to play on a playoff team.

  • one of the smartest gamers in the league. his mechanics… eh. one of my favorite people to play with and needs to be in invite… watch out he trolls

  • anti burial bump as we move into finals week for most teams.

    Gonna be somewhat busy up until the 25th of this month, happy to schedule tryouts with teams for weekends after that though.

  • my 6s schedule wont be too heavy this season so I can do both this time around. I can play seriously or just vibe, depending on ur teams goals.

    would like to play on a placement team in challenger or low-mid invite ty 🙂

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