butterthoughts: LFT S9 HL | IM Soldier

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  • Team Requirements
    -Can joke around and have fun
    -Prioritize respect and coordination
    -No toxicity

    2 HL seasons of Soldier:
    -S6 NC Champions,
    -S7 IM playoffs
    2 Sixes seasons of Soldier:
    -S2 NR6s IM Champions,
    -S1 Sixes Open (6th),
    -S2 Sixes Open (7th)

    And have been playing and practicing a lot more with my jumps, aim, and bombs.

    -Available every night after 7:30.

    Contact Info:
    -Discord: butterthoughts#7423

  • He’s a sweet and enthusiastic teammate, and if you’re planning to have a chill season but benefit from a Soldier with strong mechanics, give him a try.

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