nukanga lft spy/heavy maybe???

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  • In case I cannot lead a team next season I will be going lft also i wanna test the waters
    I think i have done pretty good in adv-chal if I get time in preseason to fully derust I think I will do good (im sick of offclassing I kinda wanna mainclass) didnt know if i could main s8 then i could so pootis/pero in main was subbing for top adv team plz love me :3 thanks!

    Top adv-chal

    i have my monitor on πŸ“Ί
    clean mental πŸ™‚
    i got da brain πŸ’­
    you can yell at me ❗
    I like to meet people πŸ˜„
    willing to learn ik spy is played kinda differently now!

    lots of seasons like 3-4 years ago on spy/pyro in silver -_-
    s6 adv engie
    s7 main heavy/spy
    s8 adv (subbed consistently like 5 classes engie, heavy, med, pyro spy for davidredface team)
    s8 main pyro,medic heavy (might win or place in playoffs atm)

    see you on the fourms

  • He may have a kangaroo pfp but he isn’t cringe, trust.

  • accepts duck pictures

  • good heavy and good spy, kinda owned me in main and when i had like 1 tryout for an adv team by accident. good at poking people with stick

  • smart and knows how valuable his life can be on spy

  • personally, i havent played with nukanga in a comp setting besides maybe one or two times hes rang heavy and some pugs, however, hes a very dedicated player and also a very nice guy!

    kinda eh pfp and im not a huge fan of kangaroos

  • may have an eevee pfp and may do SOME trolling but he got da brain (plus he used to be my mentor :P)

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