LFT main/top IM heavy s9

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  • yo its me superfly just out here looking for a committed team to win what ever div I manage to get into i have played for many seasons and have a lot of experience and can bring a lot to any team i shall now list my experience

    Season 3 : Amateur People Eating Edible Noses 12 / 23

    season 6: Newcomer StarBrights 6 / 17

    season 7: Intermediate Man I Love Frogs / 0

    season 7: Intermediate The / 0 {joined later in the season as a sub had a good amount of play time}

    season 8: Intermediate Broken Mice 4 / 0 {this season is still currently being played}

    Na sixes

    Sixes S4 Newcomer !add endif 21 / 34


    Prolander ODC #6 RGL-Div 5 pl_hijinks 2 / 0

    Na sixes cup

    Sixes Cup #1 Newcomer FakeTaxi eSports 7 / 27

       please consider me for your tryouts

    contact : SuperFly#6661

  • SuperFly was my first and still my favorite heavy I’ve ever played with.
    Pick this man up, he’ll frag out.

  • This man ran heavy to mid on process and fragged out. Seriously tho pick him up hes a beast

  • has flaws but hes a great teammate/person/friend and definitely has lots of potential

    pick this man up 😆

  • I was the leader his S8 HL team. Superfly is one of the nicest & most dedicated players I’ve met. Give him a tryout, really fun to play with.

  • Great guy gave me an australium. Also is very good at shiny hunti9ng

  • farmed IM. Thats it, no strings attached he is goated

  • He is a dedicated, communicative player who is willing to adapt his unique playstyle to his team’s needs and will go the extra mile to reach out to teammates.

  • This man is insanely good at Heavy, and worked hard around his work schedule (either by letting us know that he’s not going to be there, a week or two advanced), he is insanely nice and a very dedicated player! He’s a must-have if you’re debating on picking him up! He fits well with most teams so if you think he has the synergy with your team pick him up 100%!

  • i watched this person s6 an now they winning IM this man is a homie an great guy clean on pootis as well pick this dude up rn

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