ISLLAMA lft main/adv pyro s8

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  • hi im isllama and i play pyro
    i play pyro pretty well, pick me up, or atleast let me tryout
    you can check my rgl profile off my forums profile and my discord will also be linked there so you can contact me through there

    (plz do not judge off of my rgl experience and at least try me out before you make a decision :))

    will try my best and i’m always looking to improve

  • good pyro and ok friend
    also a good lover ngl :)

  • more than capable of defending his team, he understands spy timing and his reflects are clutch 9/10. pick up or you are throwing

  • yea hes pretty hot and sorta good i think

  • he could do pretty ok in main worth the tryout. has a couple issues he needs to work on but das alright

  • able to make spy regret playing spy, protects combo, and has improved alot since season 6 pick this man up.

  • amazing pyro and a great attitude makes engys like me breathe a sigh of relief. youre gimping yourself if you dont pick this man up.

  • from what ive seen he has the capability to compete in in high main to mid advance, give him a shot

  • definitely solid player, deserves a shot to gain some experience and prove his worth in a team. Gamesense and dm are in the right direction and certainly puts in the effort to better his gameplay

  • really good pyro from what ive seen. dm and reflects are spot on. nice guy in person aswell so give him a try

  • good reflect mechanics, gamesense, and good dm. solid pickup for those looking to do well in main, and can possibly play advanced

  • Has P clean comms and is overall a really decent guy. He reacts quickly and denies those filthy frenchies and bombers often. Worth a shot if you need a pyro slot filled. Willing to learn and cooperate with different styles too.

  • Solid pyro, protected my ass from spies for a whole season and most of this one so I’d know. Excellent spy time awareness and god tier reflects. Has a strong improvement focus & doesn’t let his ego get in the way of improvement - he has some stuff to improve for sure, but I think he’d be a solid pickup for your team

  • inexperienced, but a very well rounded player in terms of DM, also extremely unproven, but with time, I believe he can do really well.

  • Since helping him through open and more in IM, I have seen Isllama grow leaps in bounds to improve his gameplay. He is very committed and not afraid to work with the team to fill in the needed role. There are times where he checks out mentally, but everyone does especially with the little experience he has. With that said, It’s impressive to see that he is already at ready to play on a main team efficiently. With more guidance and assistance, he’ll me advanced in no time

  • he’s good. we rang him for pyro once and he ran full time phlog and 7ks’d the enemy team every minute or so. he can be kinda loud in comms but its funnier than it is disrupting.

  • good pyro an good dude worth a tryout can adapt pretty well an even under pressure can do well

  • not bad, give him a shot :+1:

  • Isllama is a solid pyro with excellent mechanical skills. He has a great desire to improve and is seeking to move up the ranks. He has great potential and would be a solid pick for any team. Easily one of the best pyros I’ve played with.

  • Played with him in Amateur and IM. He is a very reliable pyro that can track the spy pretty well. He does a good job keeping the combo safe and stuffing ubers. Would recommend him in Main and low Advance.

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