Townze lft S10

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  • Want to continue improving I was a bit disappointed with semi finals

    I am unavailable on Sundays, but can make every other time

    I want to get better

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  • @Townze is a player that is willing to improve and try his best for his matches. I surely applaud for him for how committed he is and if you need someone that can talk and have good dm pick him up you won’t regret it.

  • Great communicator and positive attitude, I like playing with Townze when I get the chance

  • very good winning attitude. strives to be the best. can easily be one of the top invite hl demos.

  • Townze is my favorite demo and player of all time. I loved and missed townze from season 7. I regret not playing with him and he’s a fun teammate that carries as much as he can. Give him a chance since he got 3rd place in invite.

  • Townze is a great player and I love his passion for the game

  • Townze’s passion for getting better and winning is almost not normal. Would be a great pickup for a team that wants to “improve” as he would say…

  • no one’s perfect, but he’s willing to try to get there; I don’t know much about demoman, but I can attest that he’s never giving anything less than his all.

  • townze is on the grind an a fun smart guy to play with hope he find a good team :)

    the townze balloon race team

  • townzee is goin beast mjode pickem up

  • Not really using this as a bump just wanna say thank u for everyone who commented

    Makes me cry a bit

    I fucking rarely get a nice comment about anything I do

    I’m still fucking standing and I thank all of u for that

  • Very talented on the sticks. He also has a big brain.

  • When I first met the guy he used to have a huge ego and and I rarely ever saw the guy be able to back up his talk.

    About 2 years later the guy has mellowed out a lot and seems to be incredibly passionate about his gameplay/theory crafting for demo something you don’t really see a lot from certain people who play demos.

    I remember when people would constantly shit talk this man only to see him making his money moves in invite those same two years later.

    proud of the change, can’t wait to see the next money moves.

    get mans on a team.

  • one of the most misunderstood players, genuinely wants to win above all else and clearly showed he belongs in invite this past season. if your team is looking for a strong maincalling demo who performs well consistently and sweats to get dubs I encourage you to give Townze an open minded chance and form your own opinion

  • Bump

    I really only wanna play with one team available rn on demo

    Might be willing to tryout for scout on a winning challenger team potentially

  • if he shows up instead of going to frat parties the man pulls in the massive works
    good mid invite+ if he commits to the videogame

  • A locked-in Townze is a scary player. Never satisfied with his own play, sweats until the last second, and genuinely a great teammate in my experience with him. He’s got his quirks, but who doesn’t? Deserves another chance in Invite if he gives it his all.

  • townze owes me money
    frat parties = ggs for ur team

  • @Micahlele I dropped 4 doms the same day I dropped you to 4th might wanna step off my forum post little buddy

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