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  • the coach has told me to inform all that the coach’s corner has been canceled permanently. thank you to all that read & enjoyed his interviews. he hopes u all stay blessed

  • all right so before porting the old interviews over & starting the newest interview, i decided to wait a bit so i could get fonts/sizing. unfortunately ive been told that there arent gonna be any font/sizing updates anytime soon. not to worry though! bowl of mayo studios is in talks to obtain its own wordpress or something along the lines of that to port all the interviews over & will be hosting the interviews

    as a reminder: the next interview is artz hispanian. thanks!


    ill be hosting all my interviews at this blogspot. ill post a link to them here, discuss etc here and not at the blogspot cuz legit i dont know how blogspot works at all. for those who haven’t read my previous coach’s corners

    short faq:

    Q: wow interview me

    A: sure nominate yourself during the nomination process and ill add you to the strawpoll. you will have to compete against everyone else though.

    Q: who are you

    A: i interview people and thats all i do.

    Q: how come artz hispanians answers are all grossly written and copy and pasted together

    A: i had a strawpoll on the old forum asking whether people wanted me to leave it raw and unfiltered or clean up their answers like how i do every other interview.

    Q: your interviews arent that good, i have some constructive criticism to offer you

    A: cool thanks post it in the thread and ill note it. im not the perfect person and im always looking to do better.

    how i work is nomination process > strawpoll > reader submitted questions > interview. i dont want to really explain it; i think its better if we run it down 1 time if u want to understand.

    with a new forum i think its best if we clear the ENTIRE nominations from last strawpoll. NO NOMINEES FROM THE LAST STRAWPOLL WILL BE CARRIED OVER TO THIS ONE; RE-NOMINATE IF YOU WANT THEM IN THIS NEXT 1. nominate anyone whether they be top level, silver, banned, i dont really care i just interview based off what the people want. thanks !

    also sometime during this weekend ill have the old interviews up so everyone may read and enjoy the old interviews. ill make another post when i have them up

    EDIT: Also you nominate by posting their name in this thread. It doesn’t take much, u just post a name and I add it easy. No pre requisites or nothing, everyone has equal say.

    EDIT2: you can also add me if you want to nominate someone in secret.

    EDIT3: Forgot to mention, nomination process closes Saturday night


    hello! the nomination process is over and now it’s time to vote! the voting process will finish by tommorow night. thanks !

  • alt text

    the results are in! congratulations to Spu for winning the latest strawpoll. please submit questions through the thread or personally dm me questions u have, dont cross the line. thanks !

  • To Spu:

    What led you to changing your name to “pajaro”? what does it even mean?

  • To Spu:

    Opinions on how your seasons going

    To Spu:

    What games do you play besides tf2 are you competitive anywhere else besides tf2?

    To Spu:

    What are your plans after the season do you plan to stay with the dojo or make your own team?

    To Spu:

    What do you like about your team? Do any players stand out to you?

    To Spu:

    Can I play garrys mod with you all 😳

  • To Spu:
    Keep that head up king. Im proud of you

  • This post is deleted!
  • to spu: i have seen strange comments from you on one person’s profile over the past few months. they have deeply disturbed me. is your obsession with perenne just a joke or is there something deeper there?

  • to spu: what is your favorite gun/item to kill perenne with in TTT?

    do you feel like you’ve learned anything important having grown up with tf2?

    last one - can i buy a roster spot?

  • guys what the heck

  • to spu: is spy or sniper more fun in your opinion?

    would you return to spy another season? would you return to sniper?

    would you play any other classes?


    nominations are open, deadline is tommorow. everyone is free game for a nomination.

    also since i cant edit my own post on the thread are the admins able to edit the post? i dont see whats the harm in allowing people to edit their own posts, i cant think of a reason why there would be a time limit on when you can edit posts in the first place.

    thanks for reading!

  • hmm

  • i nominate pretzel(perenne)

  • kid warrior (triiiple)

  • I’ll nominate myself for shits and giggles, always wanted to get interviewed.

    2nd Nomination to: Bliztank, the Pyro-Maniac as I like to refer to him.

  • theoretical spy


    the voting process will end tommorow when i finish work, just to remind people you’re able to pick multiple choices when you’re voting. just check off the people who you’d like to see interviewed. thanks!


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