Baloo Bash Spring Cup

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  • After playing hours of ultiduo with friends, I have decided to host a tournament for NA. The tournament will consist of three divisions in the following format:

    Div 1 & Div 2
    There will be a 1 key (per person) entry fee. This fee will be made into a prize pool for the top three placing teams in each division. The prizes will be based on the entry fees for each division respectively, and will be awarded in the following portions:
    1st place - 1/2 division entry fees
    2nd place - 1/3 division entry fees
    3rd place - 1/6 division entry fees

    Div 3
    This division will be free, with a prize of two discord nitros for the top two placing players

    Though our current plan is to have three divisions, it is possible that we will have to combine the divisions if there are not enough signups for three divisions. In this case, there will simply be two divisions, one paid, and the other unpaid. Teams with an average level of Challenger or Invite will be restricted out of the free division, but the remainder of teams will be allowed to choose which division they would like to play in.

    Division placements will be made based on the following guidelines:
    Any team with an average level of
    - Challenger or higher will be placed in Div 1
    - Main or Advanced will be placed in Div 2
    - Intermediate or lower will be placed in Div 3

    The tournament will take place on Friday, March 26th with playoffs on Saturday, March 27th. All games will be over before 8:30 on both days, but exact times will be based on the number of signups and will be determined after registration closes.

    Registration will close on March 23rd at 11:59 PM. To register, submit your team information in the following form:

    Also, for updates, scheduling, and if you have any questions, please join our discord:

  • will replace rgl soon with enough money

  • Ultiduo prize pool this is the biggest this format will ever be dont lie

  • it’s david so it must be good

  • lf sub-IM teammate.

    want to snipe the discord nitro from the div 3 prize pool

  • @Davidredface
    You may play this event, but do NOT scrim davidredface.

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