8 game pro set maybe

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  • 8 Game Pro Set

    Hi there, here’s a weird Idea, what if we took a common scoring system for tennis and used it in tf2.

    The rules go as follows:

    • 1 set
    • first to 8 rounds/flag captures win
    • if there is a tie at 7-7 it’s whoever gets a 2 round/flag advantage wins
    • A time Limit of 1 hour, regardless of score at the end of the hour
    • If scores are tied at the end of the hour then a golden cap is played
    • no half time.
    • Pauses are allowed

    Pros and cons I can think of:


    • No half time means not having to exec another config unless a golden cap is needed
    • More in line with other regions not having half times
    • Makes it harder for a team to simply get a 1 round lead and park the bus
      since you’d have to hold it for upwards of 59 and a half minutes.
    • Makes it harder for one team to roll a match in 10 minutes.
    • Could work better with CTF


    • Might slow down the overall game since teams won’t be in as much of a rush to finish
    • Could get very boring after what would normally be a half.
    • Could lead to major burnout on both teams playing.
    • probably makes ranking teams a lot harder then it needs to be

    What do you all think?

  • i think this is bad

  • negative ghost rider

  • I think i tossed around a similar idea a while ago as a format for an MGE tournament

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