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  • For Immediate Support Please Use the Discord #Support Channel

    If you require immediate assistance, please head over to the Official RGL Discord and visit the #support Channel. There you can use the emote system to create a support ticket that will ping the relevant staff related to whomever you need to contact. Forum Threads are meant for general support that do not require quick responses.

    Reports & Appeals

    RGL Website Support Link

    Please file Misconduct, Cheating, or Smurfing/Alt reports via the RGL support page. We do not handle reports on the forums. Additionally, you can file a ban appeal there as well.

    Support Thread Formatting

    Thread Titles

    To make a support thread, please be sure to include the relevant RGL format or platform in your title. Also be sure to include a quick and short description describing your issue or need for support.

    [Format/Platform] - [Short Description of issue]

    For example, if you need support for approving a player for your sixes team. your title should look like this:

    RGL Sixes - Player Approval

    Here is a list of different RGL formats/platforms to include in your title:

    • RGL Sixes
    • RGL Prolander
    • RGL Highlander
    • RGL Website
    • RGL Discord
    • RGL Forums
    • RGL PUGs


    In your post, be sure to include a link to your RGL profile and a link to your team profile if necessary. Then be sure to fully describe your issue. Here is an example post:

    RGL Profile:
    Team Page:

    Hello, I need to approve this player for my team in main for season 11:

    He is going to be playing roamer for us.

    Username Change Requests

    We do not allow username changes on the forums. Your forum username is pulled directly from the RGL website. To change your username, you need to create a site support ticket via the #support channel in the Official RGL discord

    Regarding Medals

    Please refrain from making threads about medals. Due to the number of formats, cups, and seasons that RGL has run in the past, it takes time for everyone’s medals to be successfully delivered. Should you be missing a medal (this includes incorrect medals) for a season after medals have been distributed to everyone, please contact your division admin so they can confirm and send you the correct medal.

    Verification Requests

    What does being verified mean?

    Being verified means you are a known player in our community and locked into your alias that is authentic. Most verified players are a long time or top-level player, community contributors, and/or RGL staff.

    How can I be verified?

    Currently, users can only be verified by admins and we are only verifying players that meet the following criteria:

    • Participate In Invite for 3-seasons or more as a starting player, as well as in casted matches
    • Helped RGL in Administrative or Community Areas

    If you wish to send in a request to get verified, please send in a site support ticket in the RGL Discord.

    Forum Group Requests

    RGL Forum Groups

    The RGL forum allows community organizations and groups to be able to have their own groups. This allows these organizations to better represent themselves in a more official capacity. RGL Forum groups are heavily restricted and reviewed, so not every community organization may be allowed one. Here is a short list of benefits from having an RGL Forum group for your organization:

    RGL Forum Group Guidelines

    To receive a forum group, you must meet our Forum Group guidelines. If your organization fails to meet any of these guidelines, your application will be denied. All organizations are responsible for their own members and actions, and must continue to meet all of these guidelines even after the application is accepted.

    • The organization must be established and active.

    • The organization must provide some form of service for the community.

    • Organizations and their members must have a positive community standing.

    • The organization’s members cannot have any active RGL bans and/or probations.

    RGL Reserves the right to deny an application or withdraw privileges at any time and for any reason.

    RGL Forum Group Applications

    To apply for a forum group, Organizations must submit an application via a Forum Support ticket via the official RGL discord. Applications through any other medium will not be accepted. In your application, please be sure to include any and all information about your organization (the more information the better). Here is a list of a few things you should include:

    • Organization Name
    • Organization URLS and Links (Discord, youtube, twitter, website, etc.)
    • Organization Leaders & Members (Please mark who is who, and what they do for your organization)
    • Information describing your organization and what it is that you do for the community.
    • Any current, previous, and future projects you may be working on.

    After an application is received, we will then take the time to review your application and organization. This process may take a substantial amount of time varying from application to application.

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