How is crouch peeking still not addressed?

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  • We should just allow the machina so this crouch peeking issue stops existing :))

  • pro tip, shoot them in the high shoulder and you might clip their head hitbox, otherwise just peek another angle

    this would be super hard to enforce so i dont see it changing

  • getting aeon peeked in an official is a coming of age moment for the open players that should not be banned

  • @ynh not wrong

  • @cayorne I know that one personally. Kinda RNG on that one dependant on how well they did it. I have no idea if I am honest how it is hard to enforce? People in ETF2L said the same thing. I’m sorry but I don’t think any sniper in their mother crouch snipes unless he can’t see something. Standing still too unless they are trying to do the wall thing.

  • @TheSovietOneYouHate people crouch to make themselves smaller on a number of points without the glitch in mind, also for the most part its not really that annoying once you learn to rotate properly and know what fights to take and what not to take.

    also im sure some people arent even aware that theyre doing it, theyre just trying to hide around a wall. its a part of the game, its not that bad once you take 4 steps to the left or just shoot someone else.

    also there are things way more annoying than aeon peeks on sniper.

  • @BoiSlipp said in How is crouch peeking still not addressed?:

    1. “source engine has peeker’s advantage”. You might have to redo your research on source engine then…at least in this case:

    LMFAO you literally have no idea what peeker’s advantage is. this is not what i am referring to. if you know that there is a sniper doing this, you can get an angle that lets you shoot their body without them being able to see you. just peek far behind a wall and you will be able to see the side of their model before they can see any of you. it also refers to the fact that when you move to peek, your view updates before your player model updates on the server.

  • If snipers are wasting their time with crouch peeking to win svs duels there is an exceptionally high chance their map presence is low and they aren’t helping their team by pressuring important sightlines.

    Punish it with your non-sniper classes via tactical application of the W key. Additionally, your own sniper can shoot other things until their sniper actually plays the game. Taking svs fights isn’t mandatory if the other sniper is being useless.

  • Why is it that the 6s players that don’t snipe in hl have the best takes on this? Makes you wonder.

  • This issue really is not a huge deal in invite highlander, every sniper I have ever played against that did this was very killable, except maybe in the sightline from cp steel E spawn into wishbone/banana (in which they got stabbed for being immobile watching one angle my team wasn’t even pushing from). I can not speak for lower divisions, but experiencing this in invite has just been asking my soldier/spy/demoman/pyro with detonator/scout to help me deal with it.

    It requires anyone on your team to do 35 damage on top of a bodyshot in quick succession, and if I avoid that one corner angle I can shoot their entire team without having to worry about getting counter sniped. I have yet to experience a crouch bug angle that engulfs the entire map, voiding all rotation (if there are, please show me). The rest of your team can then push the sniper from various angles, dislodging him as nabla previously mentioned above.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it’s VERY lame and annoying to play against but it’s not the end all be all of a situation. For example, if their sniper is on offense and doing that to you on upward 3rd from house/lower main, just stop taking that fight, you can opt to just shoot cart or hold the corner from further back, which still allows you to shoot a combo pushing up the hill or to shoot players pushing catwalk.

    For what it’s worth, no top sniper that I have played in 7s or highlander relies on this to win, because it is just svs cheese that can be avoided or countered.

    Keep in mind this can be done entirely accidentally if you want to crouch peek an angle from the right side and end up too close to the wall. Would you ban snipers from peeking an angle too close to the wall to fix this? What about snipers and other classes sitting inside of sentry guns and dispensers? It also can be done from the left side too, just a lot harder and entirely dependent on how the map geometry works.

    Clips from space ghost coffee’s stream a while ago showcasing the bug for those that don’t know:

  • @Fallen-Gourd Good answer, thanks.

  • @Fallen-Gourd I agree with you there. It’s cheese, but quite strong and annoying in some situations. I think that this bug will either take off in the future seasons, forcing RGL to act on it, like Timeless mentioned, or it will simply dissolve because players will start adapting and finding optimal ways to play around it. Overall, this was a great discussion and I appreciate everyone’s input on this thread.

  • im still gonna do it GG’s Only

  • im still gonna do it GG’s Only

  • @DeaftJoe Me too im still gonna do it GG’s Only

  • @bigbubba Me too im still gonna do it GG’s Only

  • im still gonna do it GG’s Only

  • This post is deleted!
  • @pajaro said in How is crouch peeking still not addressed?:

    im still gonna do it GG’s Only

    Rat down

  • @Timeless
    im still gonna do it GG’s Only

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