If you worked on the Dev team for TF2, while also very attentive towards the competitive scene, what changes would you make to the game to shake up the TF2 meta?

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  • It’s no secret that Valve doesn’t pay much attention to the game. My curiosity had me thinking, what would competitive TF2 players add/change about the game to make competitive more interesting?

    Feel free to share, I would love to hear your ideas.

  • delete weapons “Sniper Rifle” “Machina” “Hitman’s Heatmaker” “Bazaar Bargain” “The Classic” “Sydney Sleeper” “The AWPer Hand” “Shooting Star”

  • Ditch the idea of supporting matchmaking, and instead support RGL for competitive. Add a $100,000 prize pool for the next 6s season. Work with RGL casting to make it even better. Promote both Highlander and 6s on their mainpage for TF2. Increase the prize-pool for the RGL LAN.

    Also balance weapons based around competitive player feedback.

    Also maybe help out with the EU scene as well, but I don’t know where to start with that.

  • Replace pyro with capitao from r6 so we can have two black cyclops classes while keeping a fire class and in turn making that class viable because he has a gun

    More seriously, work to rebalance weapons in order to eliminate the need for banlists in competitive, and provide proper support to the competitive community through stuff like a real competitive mode with different matchmaking options, custom games which provide an easy alternative to external hosting services, and support for external tournaments such as RGL and ETF2L

  • unironically make prolander the default competitive mode
    smaller than HL so easier queues, can swap classes
    still essentially the same game as what is played in casual, 6s to me feels as if i’m playing a completely different game that’s been awkwardly incorporated into the game

  • add a prize pool for the comp scene, give the love they give for csgo to tf2

  • Balancing the Game, Funding Competitive, Encouraging Highlander and Sixes LAN’s, Monthly Updates, Pink Cookie Easter Egg in TF2

  • remove momentum lock from airblast, buff the buff banner, agriculture.

  • Remove the pointless graphical restrictions in Valve matchmaking and try to incentivize playing the mode through the contracker. In terms of game balance, I would probably just balance around the current matchmaking ruleset/NR6s.

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