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  • Reposted from the old HL Forums:


    • Fixed prop on ruins (both sides have the same hitbox now)
    • Fixed multiple hitboxes (Pillars on bath house, stairs to point)
    • Removed the sun that was giving 1 team a clear advantage
    • Merged all the small ammo packs into a medium pack instead
    • Better respawn cabinets (Closer to the door, for those without resup binds)

    Before anyone asks, I don’t have the VMF anymore so I can’t actually edit anything, I just forgot I had this, so I might as well post it if anyone is interested. IMO this is basically just lakeside but without all the annoying shit.

    “If you are having lighting problems, put the following command into console
    mat_hdr_level 0”

    Download Link - Google Drive

  • I don’t know if it’s the same on the blu side but in the red tunnel there is a spot in the ceiling where you can get stuck while rocket/sticky jumping. It can be done unintentionally during rollout and the only way out is using a kill bind, which is basically an instant flank fight loss.

    So I just tested it during pre-round in a scrim and it also happens on blu side in the same spot.


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