Addressing Racism/Anti-LGBTQ Speech on Off-Platform Media

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  • you should have attached a poll to this post

  • @humphrey So then don’t make it retroactive

  • there should a requirement that you need to walk outside for 20 minutes before being able to post on this thread

  • If a player is willing to report to RGL about someone saying the nword, then somebody was offended. Even “funny” uses of hate speech should not be tolerated. It’s just morally wrong and by normalizing it’s usage, we just give the users a platform to continuing their toxic behaviour.

    Replacement words are generally not as hurtful if they aren’t the most obvious changes. Personally, I’ve never seen “mega” used, for instance, and until you told me that it was a replacement word, I would have never known probably. These can be done on a case by case basis, I’d suspect.

    In regards to staff/resources, as I’ve mentioned, it is up to the players to do the reporting. Staff will have to deal with an influx of reports for some time, and we’d see an increase on bans, but it would not be permanent. Eventually, the toxic weeds would be filtered out of the community and it would level out considerably. RGL can find volunteers and give them guidelines on how to handle the issues if they don’t have the manpower to handle the reports now.

    Once again, I will address freedom of speech:

    Your fucking right to speech isn’t being infringe on. You are completely free and able to speak your mind. You are completely free and able to have the mindset that all african american’s are n-words that are should be at the heel of a white mans boot. You are not free from any or all consequences of such actions. In an organization that is trying to curve itself away from toxic behaviours like hatespeech, it should adequately punish the players that use it. It should not tolerate it being apart of the league in any capacity. It’s not illegal for you to have the ideal. You can go outside right this moment and say “FUCK N-WORDS”.

    This is a private organization, and is therefore, to the fullest legal extent, allowed to say “No, you may not use our service because you are racist.” You have zero legal standing. Your privacy is not being intruded on. You are being allowed to spew your hate speech, and a private business/org decided it didn’t want to do business with you.

    Lastly, in regards to the discussion about loss of player count:

    Good. RGL can comp the players eventually. The league will survive and can bounce back. People who don’t want to deal with the toxic behavior will come to the league eventually.

  • This is so cringe, How would you enforce this? Just cause I want to be edgy in my discord with my friends and make jokes a random player can take a screenshot and send it to rgl to get me banned :angry: this is what happens when you dont go outside, you become a #superhero


    Should the N-WORD be BANNED?

  • I’d also like to take this moment to point out that it’s trivially easy to fake discord messages. Trying to enforce this policy for all off-platform speech will lead to a lot of fraudulent reports from players trying to deplatform their personal enemies.

    For example:




  • @Iso So then reports should be taken with a grain of salt and acted on if reported by multiple people

  • HOW WOULD YOU INFORCE THIS, I can just put my name as someone i dont like and put there picture, and just take a screenshot of something i said and submit it to be banned THIS IS SO IDOITIC AND CRINGE

  • “I have a screenshot of you saying the n-word give me 50 keys or i will release it” what stops people from doing this?

  • @humphrey people not saying the n word

  • @Phish So then reports should be taken with a grain of salt and acted on if reported by multiple people

  • @vibeisveryo but what if the screenshot is fake tho

  • @page So then reports should be taken with a grain of salt and acted on if reported by multiple people

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • you can have all your friends report the same guy, reporting solely off of discord messages is absolutely ridiculous. should be taken with a grain of salt either way. leave rgl admins to work on rgl platforms, and last i checked discord isnt one.

  • @vibeisveryo then what should the admins do if there was a fake screenshot that was reported by a circle-jerk of people that don’t like that individual


  • @page people who say racist things have a pattern of saying racist things. its not super hard to identify such patterns and weed out fake or witch hunt reports.

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