LFP S8 Advanced Scout

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  • I’m looking for a dedicated Advanced Scout for s8 of RGL Highlander. Our team has been together for a full season and had to say goodbye to miperton this season on scout as he got a job and is unable to play. Last season we Won IM HL going 15-0 in playoffs without dropping a single round, Going into this season we planned on playing in Main but after scrimming Main teams we found that it was clear we belonged in Advanced. Our goal is to win Advanced and we’re looking for a Dedicated scout As we tend to scrim often (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 830 930). DM me on Discord for a tryout! Phish#5353
    Our roster is
    Scout- ???
    Soldier- Rimbus Reynolds
    Pyro- v0x
    Demo- Maeko
    Heavy- Kaponei
    Engi- June
    Medic- Maxwell
    Sniper- Scott
    Spy- Phish

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