I keep getting robbed of my kills and damage in tf2

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  • I keep getting robbed of my kills and damage in tf2 and I cant figure out anything to help my situation. Iv tried messing with my net settings but all comp servers Iv played on have locked interp and cmd rate settings so that is not an option. Iv tried reinstalling and playing with no mods and so forth but the issue persists. Im loosing my will to keep trying to play competitive because it feels like Im always put at a disadvantage and no matter how well I aim, it seems to still always happen. Does everyone experience the game like this? How do you play like this?

    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3

  • go in your tf folder, find your config, and post your interp setting here.

    for example, mine is in Steam -> steamapps -> common -> TF2 -> tf -> cfg - config.txt


  • @gobitoe the name of the file might vary depending on your config, but if you have a config and you are not running tf2 on default settings then it should be somewhere.

    most people will use really low values like 0 or 0.015 though you might want to google it depending on how good your connection is “best interp for hitscan classes”

  • from what i can see, the first one was your ping spiking by quite a bit in a short period of time. the second one is probably the result in ping difference in general, since you appear to have 70 ping. the third looks like tf2 just sucks or something, it happens. your net settings look fine from what i can see at least.

  • I’ll be honest man, you’re getting more fps than 90% of all tf2 players and you appear to have no lag.

  • Coming from a player who has consistently had high ping while playing rgl, I would stay away from taking as many 1v1’s as possible. Since it seems like you main scout, I don’t think that’s as much as an option for you, but it’s still possible. Stop trying to headbutt directly into people when you’re alone + have a ping disadvantage. Most of the time you will just lose the matchup. It seems like you’re trying to fight other people like you have 40 ping, when you obviously don’t.

    What gobi said earlier is true as well. Try messing with your interp settings and see what works best for you. What are your current interp settings now?

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