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  • Hey fellas, I’m a engi main with a nice ammount of comp exp, I got 2nd place in open (s22), played on 2 different low teams, merced for 3 or 4 mid teams and right now I’m on the main roaster for a mid team (all of this in etf2l). In ugc I had a main spot in steel and merced for 1team playing silver. Got 4th place in low fruit mixes.
    My timezone is UTC+00.00 (London timezone), I’m shooting to get a main spot but I don’t mind having to sub bc of my potential 100+ ping.
    If you ever consider me, please dm me in discord or on steam.
    -See ya on the battlefield!


    Steam= https://steamcommunity.com/id/the_engineer_is_engi_here/

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