Constantly Mentoring Engineers (Filled for the season)

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  • Hey, I’ve been playing countless seasons of Advanced Highlander, and I thought I would try to assist the less experienced Engineers looking to get an edge in their abilities. I can instruct anything from the basic fundamentals to the nitty-gritty details.

    My main goal with mentoring is to help you improve the following:
    -Situational Awareness
    -How well you can shoot other players(DM)
    -Being vocal

    Note that I haven’t really taken Mentees before, so I’ll be winging everything along the way.
    I’m available to do map reviews or demo reviews if scheduled in advance. Otherwise, I can give support and tips through text anytime! 🙂

    Discord: Constantly#9508

    EDIT: I’m glad that so many people are interested in getting mentored! I’ve essentially maxed out what I can handle, but there are still lots of Mentors that can be found in the discord!

  • constantly is a great mentor and a good friend, helped me in playoffs last season and i felt a lot better going in

  • Hey, I’m still taking Engineer mentees
    I’ve been starting to get the hang of Mentoring as well, so it’s a lot cleaner.

    I’ve started using the discord to post things
    I do map reviews weekly(both basic and in-depth), demo reviews every weekend night, post my own scrims/matches, and offer quick support/troubleshooting!

  • best engineer player in his div and its not really close, anyone could learn a lot from him

  • A good engineer and sponsored 👍

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