Constantly Mentoring Engineers

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  • Hey, I’ve been playing countless seasons of Advanced and played Invite recently, so I thought I would try to assist the less experienced Engineers looking to get an edge in their abilities. I can instruct anything from the basic fundamentals to the nitty-gritty details.

    My main goal with mentoring is to help you improve the following:
    -Situational awareness
    -How well you can shoot other players(DM)
    -Being vocal
    -Map knowledge

    I’m available to do map reviews or demo reviews if scheduled in advance(preferably at least ~30 minutes). Otherwise, I can give support and tips through text anytime! 🙂

    Discord: Constantly#9508

  • constantly is a great mentor and a good friend, helped me in playoffs last season and i felt a lot better going in

  • Hey, I’m still taking Engineer mentees
    I’ve been starting to get the hang of Mentoring as well, so it’s a lot cleaner.

    I’ve started using the discord to post things
    I do map reviews weekly(both basic and in-depth), demo reviews every weekend night, post my own scrims/matches, and offer quick support/troubleshooting!

  • best engineer player in his div and its not really close, anyone could learn a lot from him

  • A good engineer and sponsored 👍

  • Hey, I have some time during this off-season to help out other engineers! If you or anybody you know would like to sharpen their abilities so they go into the season feeling their best, I’ll be around to help out! The timeframe is kind of limited though since I’ll have a lot on my plate around the time next season starts, so take advantage of the opportunity!

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