LFP Amateur All Mains Except Engi and Subs.

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  • Team “payload+ +” or “The Skial Select” (started with some players from skial’s payload+ server. ik it’s shit.) is recruiting for the upcoming season starting Feb 1. Tryouts are this Friday. We are looking for all classes except for engineer. Three Highlander Tryouts will be held and one 6s Tryout. Additional tryouts will be available for those who are unable to make one of the listed times. Join our discord for additional info and the tryout! If you see this post and it is past the date of the listed tryouts. Join the discord and we might still be holding 6s tryouts up until the season starts. As well as highlander tryouts.
    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/pEMk4NJqaW
    The promotional material below is actually out of date. I’ve just secured a mentor I am very happy about learning from. I will try to get him to say hi at the tryouts if possible.
    scrim tryout info.png
    We encourage players to attend one or more tryouts if possible. Good luck!
    6s gen info.png
    HL gen info.png

  • Added on steam to discuss 🙂

  • If you still have slots available I’m interested in joining. Feel free to add on discord if you have any questions. https://forums.rgl.gg/topic/880/lft-multi-class

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