Favorite Highlander maps: Ranked-Choice poll.

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  • hey guys. figured it would be neat to have a poll to see what the most liked HL map is, and the least liked. This is a ranked choice poll, so you should rank all the maps in order from your favorite to your least favorite. I’ll publish the full poll results with round breakdown in a few days.


  • would you add millstone, badwater and ramjam?

  • Where is gullywash?

  • @TheRealWeiner said in Favorite Highlander maps: Ranked-Choice poll.:

    would you add millstone, badwater and ramjam?

    @Giraffe said in Favorite Highlander maps: Ranked-Choice poll.:

    Where is gullywash?

    I only included maps that have been played in RGL HL.

  • link not working for me, just forwards to “The creator of this poll is currently holding the results. Please check back later.”

  • Results after 87 votes:

    This poll was interesting to see and watch play out. It is also interesting to compare this to the one I made specificly just for engineer mains. no spoilers but I will release the results at the end.

    The way I will be explaining these results is through screenshots of each round of voting. I will also include a short description of who is leading and how the votes are distributed each round. If you are unfamilar with ranked choice voting with instant runoff, you can watch this video:


    Results Breakdown

    Round 1

    alt text

    cp_steel received a majority of the initial votes with new ashville and then product following behind. Old ashville, new cascade and Borneo all received the least amount of votes. So in the next round, all of borneo’s votes will be eliminated and redistributed to the other map options.

    Round 2

    alt text

    In the second round, everyone who initially voted for borneo had vigil as their second option. This boosts vigil to a tie in third place with product. cp_steel continues to lead. New cascade’s votes will be be redistributed in the next round.

    Round 3

    alt text

    Everyone who had cascade as their vote had product as their next option. This boosts product to tie with new ashville for second place. Old ashville, with the least amount of votes, will be redistributed.

    Round 4

    alt text

    Funnily enough, everyone who coted for old ashville, had new ashville for thier next option. this pulls new ashville ahead of product.

    Round 5

    alt text

    Lakeside’s votes are redistributed with some going to vigil and some to upward. Vigil ties for third with product once again.

    Round 6

    alt text

    Cascade has been eliminated with votes being added to new ashville, upward, and swiftwater. New ashville is now tied with cp_steel for the lead.

    Round 7

    alt text

    Swiftwater is eliminated. The votes are being distributed to product, vigil, and upward. Product now takes the lead. Now its time to say goodbye to upward.

    Round 8

    alt text

    Upward is eliminated and the votes have been redistributed. For the first time, cp_steel has received some of the redistributed vote. This means that everyone that voted for any of the currently eliminated options as their favorite, ranked cp_steel as their 8th favorite map. this shows that despite cp_steel having the most initial favorite votes, it is also strongly disliked as well.

    Round 9

    alt text

    In round 9, new ashville says goodbye and the votes are redistributed. Just like the last round, product takes a majority of the votes. We currently do not yet have a majority in votes, so vigil will be eliminated and hopefully we will finally have a winner.

    Round 10

    alt text

    In the final round we finally have a winner. Product wins with 52% of the final vote and cp_steel getting second place with 48% of the vote.

    Graph breakdown of total votes

    alt text

    The graph does a decent job of showing that overall some maps are more liked than others initially. This is a very definitive divide with the 5th most liked map getting 12 votes compared to the 6th only getting 4.

    Liked maps:

    • product
    • cp_steel
    • vigil
    • upward
    • New ashville

    Disliked maps:

    • Swiftwater
    • Old Cascade
    • Lakeside
    • Old Ashville
    • New cascade
    • Borneo

    You will also notice that the leading maps generally maintain the same placements as the least liked maps get eliminated. This is mostly due to most of those votes going only to one other map option and due to how little votes they had initially received.

    The rankings were maintained until round 7 with the elimination of Swiftwater. This is when product took the lead and the rankings finally were defined.

    Comparing to Engineers

    alt text

    In the Engineer.tf, I did the same poll but limited to engineer mains within the discord. The results of that poll were in line the the results of this one. Product was the overall most liked map with vigil getting second and cp_steel getting third, switching places compared to this one.


  • why did you only have the poll open for one day

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