LFT Main/IM/amateur med. Sub spot

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  • Contact Details: message me on discord or add me on steam

    Aiming for Division: Main/IM/whatev

    Preferred Classes: Medic

    Previous Teams:
    ozfortress: bruh moment. Two seasons in Amateur equivalent. 1 season in Main equivalent. 1 season in Div 1 equivalent

    RGL: Big Chungus Gaming.TV, open s2 - helped team learn the maps and get comfortable playing together. Taught them all I knew which helped them finish 1st. Otherwise it’s just been roster riding.

    Availability: Very sparse - would prefer to be a backup at last resort

    Other Info: Currently live in Australia but am moving back to NA in April. Looking for a sub/rr spot only so I can get a medal, but after April I’ll be back in NA full time so I’ll have opportunities to play.

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