Brock L4T S8 Medic/Soldier/Heavy

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  • Just looking to play this season if I can, would be willing to backup, but I honestly would like to play. I dont work sat-monday so I’m always pretty fresh. Would really like to tryout medic in invite, but can also do high advance, I would also really be interested in doing something with soldier or heavy in advance. Overall I just want to keep improving, I’m always down for feedback and can take constructive criticism. I always feel a bit off, overwhelmed at first when playing with new teams / setups, but if you put the time into me, I really think you will find that it was worth it.

    You can message me on discord or add me on steam.

  • Brock has a great gamesense as medic. He knows how to get positioned pretty well on maps
    he is also very dm skilled as soldier. he hits hard on mge. I’ve never seen him playing as heavy, but he probably should be great too
    the team he managed in ugc got 1st place in the last season
    I’m pretty sure we will do great in adv/invite as med/soldier

  • Brock is a competitive player I think he will do good in adv/invite

  • +1 for Brock, especially as Medic

  • Give this gamer a home. I’d look into him because he can play more than just medic and he simultaneously learns and actually gets better within the season. He listens, he doesn’t gripe needlessly, he’s got great sportsmanship, he plays a lot, he’s reliable, and I personally believe he’s got enough dm and brain.

  • Always shows up for scrims, can take criticism, already knows what he is doing and can adjust to the team’s needs.

  • Brock’s a reliable and versatile player, has a lot of experience yet is always looking to improve, and likes to win. He’s a good dude, give him a look.

  • brock is a legitimately good pickup.

  • man unironically runs black box conch on koth, need I say more?

  • @pant its addicting and I honestly think I have a problem

    alt text

    also I am playing the 6s cup this weekend so depending on how that goes and if we get into playoffs, I would probably be only available sunday night.

  • brock

  • Fantastic player

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