ETF2L Premiership S37 GF: Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT

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  • ETF2L Premiership S37 GF: AscentEU vs. SVIFT

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    Eight teams. 64 days. 29 matches. Now only three maps remain to decide the champions of ETF2L’s 37th season.
    Our first seed is Ascent, who avoided the gauntlet of playoffs simply by beating every other team in the division. They were expected to make it here from day one, and though they faced strong opposition – new team held them to 2-0 in the first week and FAINT took them to a golden cap in the last – they ultimately prevailed.
    Coming from the lower bracket are SVIFT, who have looked far less composed. They failed to make the top three at the DreamHack Community Clash and lost maps to three different teams in the season, but look to have smartened up to good effect. So far in playoffs they have beaten two of the teams that took maps from them, and with those games under their belt now look to take down the third and final.
    Will counou and co repeat last season’s lower bracket run, or will Ascent claim the throne once more? Find out on Wednesday, with Lucky, bum and Wiethoofd. | Writeup by JMaxchill

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