A note about galaxy's ban

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  • Dear RGL Highlander Community,
    Many of you may be unaware, but my client, Galaxy, has repeatedly and unfairly been denied entrance back into the RGL scene on the claim of “misinterpretation of events that has led up to his ban.” However, The main objective of the appeal system is to rehabilitate all players of any past deeds short of pedophilia. None of the rejections have indicated any sort of failure to
    rehabilitate. And to further insult my client, they refuse to reveal the exact reason he was banned to validate their claims of “misinterpretation of events.”
    My client has been treated with extreme prejudice because of his ethnic backgrounds and his North-London accent preceding his ban. Upon being banned, he has been ostracized from a majority of the community, unable to properly interact and show any form of change. However, if you look at other banned players, they are not seen differently in the eyes of the community and are given a great chance to exhibit a change in behavior. My client has been ridiculed, doxxed and harassed in public and private servers, in pubs and pugs and even in private dms. Yet, his conviction and dedication to being unbanned and making his place in the RGL invite division has not wavered once in the past 10 months. However, the “indifference” RGL provides to all members in the community, my client’s messages in private servers and unrelated actions toward his ban have been used for verification to deny his appeal over and over again. I do not wish to disclose too much private information about my client, but he suffers from a mental illness and continues to suffer from a dysfunctional family. However, to the dismay of the head admin team, my client has shown drastic improvement over the past 10 months. He has never repeated the same mistakes leading up to his ban, and according to those who frequent his presence, he has “mellowed out his personality.”
    Now, to deny Galaxy sanctums back into RGL would be unfair, biased and inhumane. So RGL community, I ask for your support in overcoming the decision made by the administrative team to impose on my clients freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  • Unban this man immediately. Also ban him from the forums idk why hes banned from rgl but not the forums lol

  • At long last, the metaphysical riot ting.

  • galaxy asked me for a steam account with 500 tf2 hours so he could play tf2center

    he also asked me to unban him from pugs

    quench this mans

  • @mono70billion said in A note about galaxy's ban:

    misinterpretation of events that has led up to his ban

    I know of two different banned players who received that exact automated response in their ban appeal. Even though they both specifically explained in detail what they were banned for and why it was wrong. I know that your post is mostly sarcastic, but it does seem like the appeal system is flawed.

  • I think Galaxy does deserve to be unbanned because it’s pretty obvious that he won’t be a repeat offender. He unironically cares a lot about the game and robbing him a chance to play is pretty messed up. His ban will be almost as long as a cheater’s ban.

  • I think Galaxy should be unbanned. Dude loves the game and provided a great service to the community in Coach’s Corner

  • This post is deleted!
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