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  • As the RGL PUG site heads closer to an alpha stage, we would like to share more details on the progress so far. It should be noted that the site was built from scratch this year specifically for Team Fortress 2.

    • Formats: The site will support all of the formats that RGL runs, starting with Traditional 6s and later expanding to Prolander and Highlander. Additional game types may be added in the future.

    • Ranking system: Players will rank up and down based on match results, across 3 different skill divisions (Newcomer, Intermediate, Advanced).

    • Voice automation: Full Discord integration that will automatically handle moving players into the correct voice channels.

    • Flexibility: Built to allow easy pivoting between multiple different drafting styles and rulesets per-division and per-game type based on the best fit.

    The goal is to build a flexible and dynamic system that we can tailor to the needs of the community. There will be plans to do a sneak peek livestream with the community. Lastly, we have plans to have a follow-up article where we will dive deeper into the technical features of the site and the finer details of how the system works. To keep up-to-date, please stay connected on the RGL Discord or follow us on our Twitter page!

    alt text
    alt text
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    alt text

    NOTE: These previews of the RGL PUG site are not finalized in any capacity. It must be reiterated that this is a work in progress and that there will be polishing done prior to an official public launch.

    This thread will serve as the official discussion thread for the RGL PUG site. Discussion, feedback, and updates will be posted here.

  • Exciting stuff, and it’s looking good!

    I miss the era of all-night high level pugs, and been waiting patiently for this system in hopes that it can deliver an experience like that.

  • My only request is that there’s a night mode on the site.

  • @tougeFS There will be. For these screenshots, they were just taken in light mode.

  • will rgl prolander pug bans be carried over in any way

  • Hope it delivers well for all game modes. It’s kind of required to have somewhere reliable to practice if the scene is going to grow.

    Personally super excited for something like this for highlander, where it (hopefully) won’t be immediately monopolized by people aiming to kill the game they’ve already sunk thousands of hours into…

  • @ynh That will have to be a separate discussion for the team. Currently, I cannot give a definitive answer on this, since there are players with mild cases that have temporary bans on the Discord PUGs to more extreme cases where players have been permanently banned.

  • Is this gonna be only for NA players?

  • I feel like Newcomer, Amateur, Advanced don’t cover the skill level that I imagine that would play on RGL PUGs. Maybe Newcomer, Intermediate, Advanced would be better.

  • @DivineAT There was a typo in the thread. The placeholder “division” names are Newcomer, Intermediate, and Advanced currently.

  • @r4res Currently, this PUG site has support for only North American servers. I imagine that down the road and along with ample demand, expanding to Europe could be potentially done.

  • I like that there will be different options for drafting. this makes it more important than ever to have pug runners be actual members of the community with an understanding of what the players want and need, and with them adapting to feedback

  • How will pick/ban captains work?

  • is it gonna be anything like faceit where you can be in a team of like 2-3+ and queue up together?

  • how will people be initially ranked? will everyone start out at lvl1 or will people be ranked based on rgl season exp and then from there rgl pug elo?

  • @Otter Could you elaborate more on what you mean by “pick/ban captains”?

    In the drafting styles that involve captains, the captains will enter a pick/ban stage to determine the map that is played for that particular pickup game.

  • @Tomatoe As presently constructed, support for party queues is not an option. Players are able to only solo-queue. That being said, with the certain drafting style that will be discussed in the follow-up article, there is a high chance that you will be able to participate in the same match as your friends.

  • @rastaronald This will be discussed in the follow-up article and reveal streams.

  • will people be able to watch the active lobbies in STV servers?

  • @Themicrocheeze Yes, this will be allowed eventually.

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