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  • Announcing the RGL Forums Open beta v1.0!

    These forums run on a completely different software than our previous forums and may be missing features that our previous HL Forums had. There is however a bunch of new features that we were unable to preform with our previous forums as well. Some of the new features include:

    Built in Skins and Dark mode.

    The new forum software includes 16 different skin options that change the overall CSS of the forums. Each of these skins also work with our dark mode as well, so you can customize how you want the forums to look to yourself. You can find this via your user settings

    skin list

    Personalized settings for recent posts.

    You are able to set, per forum, if you want posts to give you a notification, show up in the recent tab or if you want to ignore a forum section completely, preventing it from appearing in either. The default setting for this is “Not Watching”.
    Personalized settings for recent posts

    Built in Mobile Theme

    These forums have mobile support and allow for easier viewing compared to our old forums.

    Live Threads & Responsive Design

    You can see new posts on threads as they are posted, and the site as a whole is much more responsive with smooth transitions from thread to thread. Threads themselves have a live update feature, so you can see new posts as they are made.

    Profile cards

    You can now have quick and easy access to a user’s steam community links simply by hovering over their username or avatar, which displays a profile card with quick links and information.

    Profile Cards

    Better Profiles

    The new forums also come with better looking profiles and being able to set cover images!
    profile cover images

    Not just for Highlander anymore!

    These forums are the official RGL forums for the whole of the league and not just for the highlander format anymore. We want to continue our mission to create an open space where constructive conversations, discussions, feedback, and ideas can be shared.

    Feel free to submit any feedback for the forums to this thread.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Beta 1.0.2 Update

    User Levels

    • Fixed user levels not appearing for some users.
    • Removed user levels appearing for mobile users.

    503 errors

    • Change traffic management settings to allow more data throughput.

    Theme Updates:

    • Fixed text-decoration on Users Online
    • Centered avatar/info on each category/thread row
    • Fixed dark mode as default & dark mode selection


    • Disabled an un-announced feature.
  • Is there a reason posts can only be edited for “3600 seconds after posting”?

  • It’d be really nice if there were alternate background colors for the outer areas of the screen away from the actual posts, such as how ETF2L’s main page’s background colors are lighter in the center and slightly darker on the outside - this would make the pages less samey/bland.

    Also, I believe the in-browser notifications don’t change color when you switch between dark/light mode until there are new notifications.

    Or at least a difference of color between the text background and the actual webpage background. For reference, my skin is Paper

  • @Achoo we will def take a look at that and look into changing it. The skins themselves are preset options that come with the forum software that we haven’t fully tested so I appreciate the feedback.

    As far as the notifications, I will take a look into.

  • On the Rules section of the forums, there’s just something that might be on my end only, but I’m confused about bc im big dumb.


    The link to the rules works, but it just doesn’t display.

  • @Green-Beret It’s white linktext on what appears to be pink background for you?

  • @Green-Beret said in Forums Feedback & Updates:

    On the Rules section of the forums, there’s just something that might be on my end only, but I’m confused about bc im big dumb.


    The link to the rules works, but it just doesn’t display.


  • when using cerulean dark mode, the text to sort the users is extremely hard to see3b6bd661-b62b-4137-ac1e-6ee1d7c42377-image.png

  • Beta 1.1.0 Update: The Q&A Update

    We have added a new forum called the Q&A Forum! In this forum you have the ability to designate a thread as question and be able to select an answer among the responses!

    With this update we have also shut down the Recruitment forums on the old highlander forums as we continue our transition to this new platform.

    If you encounter any bugs or issues, please leave a post in this thread.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • dark theme option works on chrome but not firefox

    the skins are an alternative, but the few dark ones draw text in colors that are hard to read, and one of them puts white text on white bg lol

  • @High-Impact-Dolphin im on firefox and it works fine so idk what u mean

  • @High-Impact-Dolphin If the dark mode button isnt working, try refreshing the page. sometimes it gets stuck and you need to refresh for it to start working again.

  • you know me, whining publicly before i try restarting my browser

    ty @cyclowns @Mothership

  • Beta 1.1.1 Update

    • Updated Groups
      • Removed Highlander Mod group.
      • Added CappingTV Group
      • Added EssentialsTF Group.
      • (We are currently working on guidelines for forums groups for community projects. Please do not request a forum group until we have finalized our guidelines.
    • Updated Nav Bar
      • Removed Twitch, Discord, and RGL home page links.
      • Added /groups, /awards, and /Community-links to the nav bar.
        • /Community-Links has a full list of RGL links.
    • Updated Post Setting
      • Updated time users can edit their posts to 1 month.
      • Updated time users can delete their own posts to 1 week.
      • Updated the number of replies after users are disallowed to delete their own topics to 5.
    • Updated New User Restrictions
      • Updated time users can edit their posts to 1 week.
      • Updated Rep threshold for new users to 3.
    • Updated Rep Requirements
      • Removed Requirement for users to add “Website” to their user profiles.
      • Removed Requirement for users to add “About Me” to their user profiles.
      • Updated Requirement for users to Change their “Profile Picture” to 10.
      • Updated Requirement for users to Change their “Cover Picture” to 10.
    • Fixed an issue with topic sorting in categories.
    • Updated Tag Colors for the different divisions.
  • u fellas should add fonts to the forums (preferably the old hl forum fonts lol) and be able to size them. also gthe ability to save drafts was godly too.

    EDIT: nvm i think it autosaves the current draft ur writing but still having the ability to neatly organize multiple drafts is cool (not that i personally did that, but having it as a tool would be neat)

  • Can I default replies to threads to be “not watching”? For example, if I comment on somebody’s lft thread or even in just a general discussion one time, I may not want to get notifications for every reply.

    I think the default should be to mark as “not watching” and only receive notifications if you are @ in the thread. I don’t like manually setting “not watching” every time.

  • @rairai you can change your defaults via your settings:

    alt text

  • Something I noticed when I was gonna put feedback, is that on longer threads like this, it’s quite a search to find the reply button, especially when it comes to newer users of the forum. I recommend putting a reply button at the top of the thread, as well as the bottom, just so it’s easier to navigate.

    My other feedback is that to make it easier to tell when a notification is read or not.
    For example, maybe highlighting the notification in red if it is unread, I understand that there are dots that light up next to the notification, but I would think it would be much more user friendly if it made it easier to tell whether or not we have read a notification.
    It was a bit tricky to understand which one’s I haven’t read yet, and if you added a feature that highlighted the ENTIRE unread notification in a visible color, like a bright red, or add a little red icon next to an unread notification, I think it would be much user friendly for newer users.

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