LFT S8 Soldier

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  • Hello! My name is LoNG and I am looking to tryout as a soldier for a main team in the upcoming S8 of Highlander. S8 will be my 3rd season of playing highlander, though I also have 1 season of subbing for a PL team as well. I started HL back in S6 on the team of TKN (The Knights of Ni) which ended up going undefeated in Amateur. The following season I joined Need for Feed which sadly ended quicker than expected after losing to the team who won all of playoffs during round 1, which placed the team at 5th place. This season I’m looking to play for a main team and get some experience under my belt while also trying to learn about what I need to improve on. Hope to work with you soon!

    I prefer to talk about tryouts over discord (as I use it way than the forums), and my discord tag is LoNG#0514
    Here is a link to my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ryan648/
    Finally if you want to look at my logs you can do so here:

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