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  • Hello, I am an engineer player who made it to grand finals in Open and playoffs for IM. I want to take the role of a Leader for S8 in Main. Ideally, we will scrim Saturdays, Sundays, and do a warmup before matches on Mondays. Please have High IM experience or Main experience as well as be willing to make it to Demo Reviews (Or watch Vods of them) and improve. Feel free to contact me on Discord at Paprika#7066

    Current Tryouts:
    Scout: Halen
    Soldier: .cd, Long
    Pyro: Satan Worshiper, Concepting
    Demo: steb
    Pootis: touca
    Engi: Paprika
    Medic: Q
    Sniper: smudgE, scouty?, Libero, TheCombine
    Frenchman: zoom, Admix

  • Hey, I’m a Prolander Medic looking to get into HL. My Prolander team won the Div 2 Prolander Cup back in September and now we’re playing in the Div 1 cup. I can send VODs of our games from last cup if you want to see how well I can hit arrows. Discord is Several Ducks#2943 if you want to DM me.

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