Competitive Statistics Library Project.

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  • Hello, I am working on a Competitive Statistics Library.

    The goal is to gather the logs and stv demos from competitive matches.

    Phase 1 is gathering the logs from every RGL official that has happened and every log from matches that will happen.

    RGL currently does not require the submission of logs, only that they are posted to

    This project will gather all the logs and put them in their own repository separate from along side extra tools to view the data from logs.

    How to contribute:
    the easiest way to contribute is to post the links of NON-COMBINED logs in a matches match comms.

    Me and the current team working on the project only want the logs of the individual half’s and not combined logs

    What we are currently looking for
    Logs from the following events:

    • RGL Prolander Cup#5
    • RGL Prolander Cup#6
    • RGL Traditional Sixes Season 4
    • RGL Highlander Season 7

    If you want to get more involved(Helping to catalog logs, working on tools, searching for older season logs) Feel Free to contact me on discord

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