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  • Yo what’s up. My name is ZhhunteR (I also go by Hunter) and I am looking for an IM/Main team to sub for in S8. The reason why I’m subbing rather than pursuing a main spot is due to conflicts with school and studies, but I will try to make games if I am needed. If you do try me out I prefer to sub in Main, due to the desire of playing better snipers and improving, but I am completely fine with any IM contenders. Here are the Teams that I was rostered on:

    Newcomer S6 - StarBrights, Main Sniper, Playoff Contenders
    Amateur S7 - FakeTaxi eSports, Sub Sniper (rostered like 3 games lol), 3rd Place
    Amateur S7 - Microp-enis, Main Sniper (I had more time than I thought so I was able to become a Main), Non-Playoffs

    Logs for reference: https://logs.tf/profile/76561198144909435
    RGL: https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198144909435&r=24

    Feel free to contact me on discord: Hunter.#2108

  • Good sniper, chill friend super nice. is good pick him up :-). Makes me smile everytime i talk to him

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