RGL 6s Div-2 S4 GF: Honey Bacon Club vs The Box Tap

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  • RGL 6s Div-2 GF: Honey Bacon Club vs The Box Tap

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    Just when it looked like Div-2 would be coming smoothly to its predicted outcome, chaos hit. After beating The Box Tap in the LBF, Jelqers were suddenly disqualified, after yam received a ban for cheating. With playoffs too far gone to overturn all their results, this technically meant that Honey Bacon Club had already won. However in the interest of competition, they’ve chosen to play it out against The Box Tap in a Bo5 epic!

    Having already faced twice in the playoffs, these teams are no strangers to each other, with 7 maps played in officials alone this season. In their regular season encounters, Box Tap edged out Clearcut and narrowly lost Gully. In playoffs, Box Tap took their encounter 2-1, but more recently suffered a far more convincing 2-0 loss. But with teams this evenly matched, its sure to be a bloodbath.

    So join Tery, caleb, je’mond and louster200 on teamfortresstv, for this epic of a match!

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