Pills LFT S8 (Spy, Main preferably)

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  • Have a tryout offer already but I’ll throw this up and see what else I can get.
    Been playing since S13 of UGC, primarily on spy but have dabbled in engi, med and pyro. Mostly looking to play spy in main, might be willing to do any of the aforementioned classes if I like you enough. I prioritize having fun over winning but if the team does well I will do my best to help pull my weight. If you’re willing and desperate enough I’m willing to sub (or if you’re even more desperate, main) in advanced. Add me on steam or discord, Paulswellthatendswell#9001.

  • He stabbed me once and didn’t let me stab him back

    Great spy, great homie 🙂

  • Really fun person to be around and really good spy too, give him a good home.

  • pills is one of my favorite people to play and have around, always a fantastic person to have around on the teams ive been on, although ive never had him as a main before, he was one of the most reliable subs on UTD, playing spy pyro and engi at a solid main level

  • i have known pills as a friend and player since s19 of UGC silver HL. he has a wonderful attitude and is overall a really solid player. give him a tryout!!

  • Bumping, still in need of a good home!

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