LFT Main/IM ~ 86 ~ Spy (willing to sub)

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  • Hello! I am 86, and I am looking to be either a starter or a sub for a main team or a good IM team. I am looking for a team that can push me to be a better player. If the team is Main I am not worried about results, but if the team is IM I would like to make it to the final bracket. I am free to scrim pretty much all the usual times (8:30-9:30) unless something comes up, but I usually can give an early notice beforehand.
    RGL: https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198174021898&r=24
    Discord: 86#2278

  • This guy is pretty good at the video game. Scrims with him were pretty fun since he is an insane spy player. You should listen to his calls. Definitely a good pickup 🤝

  • Great spy filled in for my team when I needed someone definitely didn’t disappoint. Great callouts and great frags. Def high IM to main pick him up if u wanna win tbh.

  • 86 is actually one of the best spies I’ve seen in a minute. He’s a comms spy but, he will not flood your comms, he knows when to speak and what’s important to be spoken. His comms have won me games in the past, he’s nothing to be messed with. He is definitely fit for a main team.

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