RGL 6s S4 NC GF: -rep vs RGL On Ice

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  • RGL 6s S4 NC GF: -rep vs RGL On Ice

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    December often strikes the festive cheer into most people. It becomes a time for giving, a time for thankfulness, and a time to play Cyberpunk 2077. However, as the ice thickens and most people are leisurely skating quarantining at home, two teams are lacing up their ice skates with an edge in their eyes. After an exciting and eventful season, teams RGL on Ice and -rep have managed to secure their way to the Newcomer Grand finals.

    RGL on ICE has already shown their proficiency at lutz and axel spins throughout the season, with the great coordination of their soldiers scoring them a (6-2) season. In playoffs, they kept their eye on the puck, cleanly gliding through their enemies, managing to only drop one map. When asked about the match, team leader yosemit3 gave their motto of "Dont over think anything just frag ".

    However, their opponents -rep, donned in matching winter Horace hats, are equally skilled with an identical season record (6-2). In playoffs, favoring the salchow and toe loop, the team has found similar success, with close matches against Krusty Migos and Household Objects. When asked about the match, team leader Tcmano said “Our demo is drunk, our scouts hold hands, our soldiers feed and our medic is a frog”

    With analysis from Virgil and quality calls from newcomer shout caster Derpman107, join us in what should be the match of the year season month night, as RGL on Ice and -rep fight to win RGL Newcomer, and take home the Stanley Cup.

    Match Page | Bracket | Writeup by Tcmano

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