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  • koth_one is a tight, smaller king of the hill map centered around faster paced 6v6 gameplay. It began originally as extremely small mirrored symmetry map a la viaduct, but now in alpha 21 its a much more open rotational symmetry map that takes design queues from reckoner. We’ve been testing the map through testco pugs and the majority of players love to play on it, so im excited to hear feedback from the community at large. You can find the map at it’s tf2maps page here.

    20201206154509_1.jpg 20201206154438_1.jpg 20201206154421_1.jpg 20201206154408_1.jpg 20201206154351_1.jpg 20201206154335_1.jpg 20201206154326_1.jpg 20201206154303_1.jpg 20201206154251_1.jpg

  • I’m curious about the screenshot of the midpoint - does the sniper’s window see the entire point? can you see the other team’s right side from the window? That seems like a glaringly difficult issue to deal with. For that reason I understand why it’s a 6s map. Map looks good for a 6s perspective though besides the fact that sniper will be run a lot on this map, like any other koth 6s map

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