LFP S8 Main

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  • Shooting for High Main, prior experience at that level (or UGC Silver) is preferred but feel free to contact me if you feel confident! Full Saturday/Sunday/Monday availability (For the season) is very highly preferred, may be willing to make some exceptions. Welcoming subs, especially if you’re a multiclasser! - Edit Main roster completed, now just looking for subs


    Scout: Cutlery Box
    Soldier: Kingfin
    Pyro: Isllama
    Demo: rasta ronald
    Heavy: Doldrums
    Engineer: Skorp
    Medic: Alex
    Sniper: Clanta
    Spy: Clore

    Discord: Skorp#1575
    Or add me on steam (linked to forums)

  • Bumping, Main Heavy/Pyro still needed; subs also welcome

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